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Members and Choral Group Info

Standard Rehearsal is at 6:45 pm - 8:50 pm on Tues. at the IHM Center.


Upcoming for the Catholic Choral Society: 
Upcoming Events - Please update your calendars. There are some time changes.
December 12, 2017:  Christmas Program/Caroling @ 1 p.m. at Appletree Terrace; Newberry County Club, 3 Newberry Estate; Dallas. Call Time:  TBA
December 13, 2017:  Christmas Program/Caroling @ 6:15 p.m. at Masonic Village; 36 Ridgway Drive; Dallas. Call Time:  TBA
December 16, 2017:  Christmas Program/Caroling 
                               @ Webster Towers 1:15 p.m. Call Time:  TBA
                               @ Our Lady of Peace Residence (near the IHM Center). at 3:00 p.m. Call Time: TBA
                                Mass @ 5:00 p.m. at St. Paul's1510 Penn Ave, Scranton
                                CCS CHRISTMAS PARTY at Scranton Club; 404 North Washington; Scranton Time: TBA
NO REHEARSAL ON DECEMBER 19 AND 26, 2017.  New semester begins January 2, 2018 in Theresa Maxis Room at the IHM Center. 


Catholic Choral Society2017-2018

Rehearsal: Tuesday Evenings 6:45 PM – 8:50 PM @ IHM Center

*In the event of inclement weather, rehearsals may be rescheduled for Saturday.


September 5    Tuesday           Organizational meeting/rehearsal

September 12              Tuesday           Rehearsal

September 19              Tuesday           Rehearsal

September 26              Tuesday           Rehearsal

October 3                    Tuesday           Rehearsal

October 10                  Tuesday           Rehearsal

October 17                  Tuesday           Rehearsal

October 24                  Tuesday           Rehearsal

October 31                  Tuesday           Rehearsal

November 7               Tuesday          Rehearsal @6:45 PM @ St. Peter’s Cathedral, Scranton

November 12 Sunday           Generations XVI Concert @ 7:30 PM @ St. Peter’s Cathedral,                                                                          Scranton

November 14              Tuesday           Rehearsal

November 21 NO Rehearsal – ThanksgivingWeek

November 28               Tuesday           Rehearsal

November 30             Thursday       Tree Lighting Ceremony@ 6 PM, Scranton (Arrival Time TBA)

December 5                 Tuesday           Rehearsal

December 10              Sunday           Advent Concert @ 4 PM@ Our Lady of Snows, Clark Summitt,

                                                            Msgr. Quinn

December 12              Tuesday          Caroling  @ 1:00 PM @ Appletree Terrace @ Newberry Country

                                                            Club, Dallas - Louise Menapace

December 13              Wednesday    Caroling @ Masonic Village, Dallas (Time TBA ~ 6:00 PM) – Louise


December 16              SaturdayCaroling @ OLP(Time TBA)/Mass @ 5 PM@St. Paul’s, Scranton;

                                                            Party TBA

January 2                     Tuesday           Rehearsal

January 9                     Tuesday           Rehearsal

January 16                   Tuesday           Rehearsal

January 23                   Tuesday           Rehearsal

January 30                   Tuesday           Rehearsal

February 6                   Tuesday           Rehearsal

February 13                 Tuesday           Rehearsal

February 20                 Tuesday           Rehearsal

February 27                 Tuesday           Rehearsal

March 6                       Tuesday           Rehearsal

March 11                    Sunday           Lenten Concert (TBA)

March 13                     Tuesday           Rehearsal

March 18                    Sunday           Lenten Concert (TBA)

March 20                     Tuesday       Rehearsal

March 27                    NO Rehearsal-Holy Week

April 3                         Tuesday           Rehearsal

April 10                       Tuesday           Rehearsal

April 17                       Tuesday           Rehearsal

April 24                       Tuesday           Rehearsal

May 1                          Tuesday           Rehearsal

May 8                          Tuesday           Rehearsal

May 15                       Tuesday          Concert for Sisters @ OLP (Time TBA)

May 18                       Friday             Spring Concert@ 7:30 PM @ St. Peter’s Cathedral, Scranton

May 20                       Sunday           Spring Concert @ 7 PM @St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Kingston




1. BLACK FLOOR LENGTH OR MID-CALF LENGTH SKIRT (NO knee length or above the knee length)
2. NO Slacks
3. Black Long-Sleeved Blouse
4. A Black Long-Sleeved dress (or Sleeveless Dress WITH a Long-Sleeved Jacket) is acceptable but MUST be floor or mid-calf length)
5. Black Shoes and Black Hosiery
6. NO Sequins or Ornate Jewelry (A white pearl necklace is preferred)

TUXEDOS are worn for all concerts.

NO strong perfume, cologne or after-shave lotion

WOMEN: White Blouses and Black Slacks or Skirt
MEN: White Shirt, Appropriate Tie and Black Slacks



All rehearsals will be held at the IHM Center at Marywood University from 6:45 pm until 8:50 pm on Tuesday night.
If there is a change in venue or a cancellation, you will be notified by the phone chain, e-mail, text message or a general announcement.
It is important that we all try to attend all rehearsals. If you are unable to attend at any time, please notify Ann (cell # 570-430-4505)
or your Phone Captain. You will receive a complete list of members as soon as this information can be assembled.

To cover the cost of music and general expenses, DUES are $50 per year, payable in full or $25 each semester.

We also have a 50/50 drawing at each rehearsal for $1 if you choose to participate.